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Sunday, February 14, 2010Y
Cny + V day

Happy CNY & Valentine to every1 !
Especially my kim mei mei ~ Dont sad k?
Im here for u ^^

Today early morning went back to hometown LOL very near nia.
2-3+ go to genting~ walk alone + play alone.
Sis,bro,sis de bf went to casino.
And i walk alone shopping alone =.=
After sis called..i passby 1 shop.. selling chocolate lol.
I went in and bought 100g chocolate hahaha for myself ==;
And bring it to my sis Happy V day Zzzz
And i ate myself..


Happy Cny everyOne yea. Wish u guys dream come true.
Must happy happy oh~

heart blue w/ glitter 9:45 AM

Monday, February 8, 2010Y
Here's come again zzz


Told my sis ytd abt my heart thing. Then i ask for check up again.
Then today my sis told me She TELL MOM JOR? WAHHH!!?
My Mom say dun check 1st. Buy insurant 1st zzzzzzzzz
Sei sis betray me damn dulan zzzz

Now good lor every1 know ady.
So if i really heart att 1day..
You guys can get ready LOL zzz sian.

<3 Mei mei <33

heart blue w/ glitter 6:34 AM

Tuesday, February 2, 2010Y
SianZzz wahhh =.=

Feel like going to sell my account.
If i wanna sell i can comfirm sure tio scold by my fren =.='
I finding high price =)

Bishop Lv166 (clean acc) C/O RM500 ^^

Sien sien lols ~ after CNY then exam sobzzzzzz
Hiax.. Noob zephyrus
my egg ... tio looted 2time fail 1 time mw20 so unlucky.
i also dunno what to post zzzz

heart blue w/ glitter 8:45 PM

Saturday, January 30, 2010Y
Not feeeeeeeLinggg Wellll zzzzzz

Sob stomach so pain zzz
Here pain there pain zzzzzz
Im so weak sia rawr!!

Mei mei ar~ Mei mei ar~
Im so stress ar Zzzz
And i dunno what to post for u ==;

Btw hor guys im not so "Gei sou" de..
Want come talk to me just come i nth de.
Dont come boom me can ady ^^

This few days i so quiet sia..
Gyo asked me whats wrong? I nothin to say lolz O.O
haha nvm i always so quiet when i want to ^^

heart blue w/ glitter 3:19 AM

Friday, January 29, 2010Y

Tada~ Mei how how? LOL

heart blue w/ glitter 2:00 AM

Thursday, January 28, 2010Y
Try this..?

Try this when u cold down or relaxing.

Try count ur heart beating how many time per 1min.

60-70 times = healthy
70-90+ times = unhealthy (can die ady) LOL Kidding la zzzz

Mine 80+ zzz around 86

Means my heart moving very fast =.=
Very stress.. and more..
lol..This what my teacher told me.

Ps arh i dunno how to explain how to count ur heart beating.

heart blue w/ glitter 8:52 PM

Wednesday, January 27, 2010Y
Pigu itacy

Today in Sch.. Having science Class. (teacher is a chinese ppl)

I asked him about something heart attack or chest pain this and that.
He told me this :
T:Do u know the stomach is connected to the heart?
Means like when u have stomach problem it will connected to ur heart
& make u pain.

I explain to him..that's not a normal pain and ..
I can comfirm that're not stomach problem.
I told him..It's suddenly pain until cant breathe.
He said to me.. Sure have something that make u pain.
So i just straight and say out all my thing to him,
Since there's no1 in the science lab.

1st thing that i told him i drink alot coffee.
He told me not to drink coffee too.
ESPECIALLY pack! Pack is the most unhealthy.
Example like 3 in 1 those thingy. Whateva what thing is 3 in 1.
Better not to drink.
Hmm..He suggest me to check up better.
He told me about his sad story about his fren..
I almost cry out and now.. what to do?

Here the list.. He asked me to try to clear my small intestine..

Before 7.00am (Do not eat anything)

Yogurt + Lime
Honey + Milk
(All together)

After 1hour or + only can eat ur breakfast.

So yea.. 1 more thing.


He told me..If u really have problem and u dun go and check up earlier..
In the end..
U Have to stay in hospital and ur family hv to take turn to take care of u..
So better Dont pull ur family member to stay with u and waste their time.
And they cant do anything and have to cancel their work.. This n that.

Btw..I understand what my teacher trying to say to me.
He mean like..
Got problem go check..Dont last minit the problem getting worst..
Only go and check. It's Too late.
In the end..Who the one most hard to do..
Is my family member.
Ty teachers for everything.

heart blue w/ glitter 10:09 PM